Our Are-You-Kidding-Me-That's-Good Referral Program

We know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Man, $20 for an awesome night of fun, meeting cool people and playing board games, you can't get a better deal than that." And that's a reasonable thing to think. $20 for all that is indeed pretty amazing. But you know what's an even better deal? Getting money back that you can use at said speed dating event. If you refer a friend who buys a ticket for the same event you're attending, we'll buy them a $10 gift card good at the restaurant. This is, frankly, a violation of everything we stand for, because we hate giving back money. But we'll do it anyway.

Want to refer a second person? Well then that gets you a $20 gift card. Every friend you refer who buys a ticket adds another $10 to your gift card. "So you'll essentially pay me to bring friends to something that's already fantastic?" You may ask. Yup.

Now you know any deal like this has to have ten pages of explainer information to cover our bases from all those people who might try to game the system. So here's the fine print: Whenever your referrals buy their tickets, either you or they simply need to e-mail us at host@playboardgameempire.com to tell us they were referred by you. We'll give out all gift cards the night of the event itself.

Other stuff to note. Obviously, if any referral buys a ticket then requests a refund before the event we won't give you the referral fee for that one. Come on, that's just common sense. If someone you refer attempts to sign up but we don't have space for them, they should still join our waitlist because you never know. 

"But I already referred a friend who bought a ticket for this event," you may say. No worries, just e-mail us who you referred and you'll still get the referral program treatment.

Okay, that's really it. Now go tell some friends!