Leave Us Feedback

Nobody is perfect the first time they do something. Michael Jordan didn't make his 7th grade basketball team. Abraham Lincoln lost like a bazillion elections. Jon Lovitz wasn't a comedic supernova the first time he stepped onstage. And, well, we realize that we're no different. We could stand to be a lot better at a lot of things. So we'd love it if you helped us out.

Got a suggestion for something we can do to make our speed dating events more fun? Let us know. Want to suggest a game we have to include, or one you've seen us use that we should cut? Let us know. Do you think we've kind of let ourselves go and put on too much holiday weight? Maybe you don't have to tell us everything we could do to improve. 

Shoot us an e-mail at host@playboardgameempire.com so we can make this event the best it can be. And if you want to just tell us you had a great time, well we'd love to hear that too.